ScoreKeeper's Score Keeper software was the first "in quiz" software used at Bible Quiz Fellowship events. In 2003 all quizzes for the BQF national tournament were tracked using PQZ software with 3 sites using the software live. The ease of use of the Score Keeper software helped turn the corner on technology in Bible quizzing. In previous years teams would wait up, often past midnight, to get the results from the round robin quizzes. That first year, even with only three sites using the software live, the results were available within an hour of the last quiz. Since then most events use live computer scoring making results available almost instantly. has continued a course of innovation in score keeping software. Version 6.5 of the Score Keeper software offers online score keeping, server isolated scoring and much more.

Score Keeper 6.5 is now available for download.

Score Keeper 6.5 Features

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